Seniors Trip

More than 40 members of the Senior Center at Ashland City took a trip west recently, with visits to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Members of the Senior Center at Ashland City finally embarked on one of the center’s popular trips that had all been cancelled in the past 18 months because of the pandemic.

The trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas took place from Oct. 23-29 with 43 senior center members on board.

“I’ve been going to the center for three years, and I’ve gone on trips before,” said Carin Casey, 76, of Ashland City. “Bryce Canyon was the most beautiful thing I saw. The only problem we had was there was snow on the ground, and all we had was sweatshirts, so we were freezing to death. It went down to 19 that night. The wind was blowing which made it worse.”

She said that she has traveled on two other Center-sponsored trips.

“You get to know the people a lot better,” she said. “Gena (Center director Batts) is doing a great job. She had 43 of us to put up with. She had to keep us all together and on time. It was nothing short of a miracle.”

The group flew from Nashville to Phoenix and then Las Vegas back to Nashville a week later.

“This was a once in a lifetime trip for many,” said Batts. “We started out in Scottsdale, Ariz., which is like the old west and then went on through Sedona. Oprah Winfrey and actress Sharon Stone have homes out there.”

Batts said the train trip to the Grand Canyon took two hours and fifteen minutes.

“Because of Covid, we took protocols. Get on a plane, wear a mask. The train, too. Any federal buildings or grounds, and three national parks, you wore a mask. One of the perks for an organized trip like this is that members don’t have to think about planning. It’s all laid out by the tour company.”

Batts said the next senior trip will take place in the spring. She did not announce a destination.

“It will be a bus trip and much more reasonable as far as cost goes (the western trip cost $1,900 per person),” she said. “As for being the director, I’m starting to get used to it, making it my own, and feeling more comfortable with everything.”

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