Temperatures are going to be flirting with 80 degrees on many days this week, but a strong cold front arrives around Friday and brings a chance of rain followed by much cooler weather.

I expect high temperatures for Saturday and Sunday to be around only the mid-60s and drop to the mid-40s at night.

We will have to start watching closely for frost the remainder of the month

Our next full moon comes on Wednesday, Oct. 20 and it is called the Hunter’s Moon.

How did it get its name? As the Native Americans prepared for the cold months ahead, they looked to October’s full moon as the signal to gather meat for winter.

Because of this, the October moon came to be known as the Full Hunter’s Moon.

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. Contact him at weather1@charter.net with questions, to provide a weather update for your area or to suggest topics for his column.

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