Jensen Bagwell, the owner of Havaday’s Barber Shop, has an appreciation for creativity and the skills to go with it. He found the outlet to satisfy both as a professional barber.

The Atlanta native opened Havaday’s Barber Shop one year ago in downtown Ashland City.

Bagwell studied and worked in animation, digital film and sculpting jobs before getting into the barber field. His shop is decorated with posters, figurines and paintings of the comic, film, and pop culture icons he loves.

“Those previous jobs prepared me for working with clients. It taught me to get to know my client, and do that in person, as opposed to just talking through email,” Bagwell said.

Bagwell moved to Cheatham County in 2015 to be close to his then-wife’s family. He made many friends in Nashville that are barbers. His growing love for barber arts coupled with his love of sculpting led him to study barbering.

“Barbering is another way of sculpting, and it’s a way to get instant gratification from clients,” he said.

According to Bagwell, Tennessee has strict requirements for licensing barbers.

“Since I knew the state took it seriously, it made me want it all the more,” he said.

Bagwell picked the name Havaday’s from advice his grandfather Cecil Love gave him. Bagwell said Love would say, “Don’t tell me to have a good day. Just tell me to have a day.”

Havaday’s sits inside the former law office of Crystal Morgan with about 600 square feet of space. Bagwell is currently the only barber at the shop. He has been a licensed barber for over a year and said he sees about 60 clients a week.

“Ashland City and Cheatham County have been very warm and welcoming,” Bagwell said. “The scariest thing was not having anything to go off of about how a barber shop should go but opening this shop and the response has made me love living in Ashland City.

This first year in business has been absolutely rewarding in every way. The local city council, especially Gerald Greer, have been very supportive. A lot of folks like them have become clients.”

Ashland City resident Tyler Stowers is a regular Havaday’s customer. He said he has been so pleased with his experience there that he now brings his toddler there.

“(Bagwell) always does a good job and is willing to work with me with fitting me into his schedule,” Stowers said.

With the success of his first year in business, Bagwell said he would like to eventually teach barbering in the future and possibly start his own clothing line.

To those who are thinking of going into business for themselves or getting started in the barbering field, Bagwell said, “Always be consistent. If you can’t be consistent with how you cut, be consistent with your time. When your hours are listed, show up. I spent many days and hours in the beginning waiting, not knowing when someone would show up, but I knew they would show up some time. People can count on me being here and giving good service.

“And for the love of God, be nice!”

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