Sycamore 1

Bailey Chapman goes around the White House-Heritage defense.

PLEASANT VIEW —Dawson Yoes scored 24 points as Sycamore beat White House-Heritage 74-58 on Friday in a Homecoming game.

Daniel Saylor (13 points), Bailey Chapman (11) and Trevor Gagnon (11) all scored in double figures for the War Eagles.

“They played hard the entire game,” Sycamore coach Toby Miles said. “I was really proud of our defense, and our offense worked well tonight. Everyone was in sync and that certainly helps.”

Sycamore led White House-Heritage 21-7 after the first quarter. The Patriots fought back and even cut Sycamore’s lead to nine points, but every time they got close the War Eagles would get on a hot streak.

“Anytime we start hitting shots, it makes the guys really want to play defense,” Miles said. “They played awesome defense and obviously that’s something I love. It’s like that with every high school kid, once they start hitting shots; it makes them play a little harder. But that’s one thing I want our kids to understand, we have to play hard even when the shots aren’t falling.”

Sycamore 50, White House-Heritage 38 (Girls)

Sycamore led 23-19 at halftime, then changed its strategy on offense and defense for the second half.

Coach Cody King implemented a full court press and knew how to attack the White House-Heritage defense. Reagan Sutton hit two 3-pointers in the third quarter and she finished with 11 points.

Emily Fisher led all of the Lady War Eagles with 12 points.


White House-Heritage (58): Josh Bale 24, Jacob Runkle 11, Val Courtney 4, Caleb Guiswhite 4, Braden McFarlin 4, Noah Owlsley 3, Dylan Stephens 3, Jared Brummet 2, Ethan Freel 2, Ben Branlund 1

Sycamore (74): Dawson Yoes 24, Daniel Saylor 13, Bailey Chapman 11, Trevor Gagnon 11, Grady McPherson 8, Dalton Dutton 3, Gavin Mitchell 3, John Hale 1


White House-Heritage (38): Alex Green 18, Kelsey Russell 7, Staten Holmes 5, Eimy Esparza 2, Tiana Jordan 2, Bekah Lamberth 2, Sadie Short 2

Sycamore (50): Emily Fisher 12, Reagan Sutton 11, Kaitlynn Wofford 9, Taylor Garrett 7, Callie Gudino 7, Olivia Stuard 4

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