ASHLAND CITY – The Sycamore-Cheatham volleyball match went five sets on Thursday night, but the Lady War Eagles eventually prevailed. 

Sycamore took the first set 25-15, but the Lady Cubs returned to take the next two sets 25-22 and 25-15, respectively. The Lady War Eagles went on a run in the fourth set to come back and win 25-20, and they continued their hot streak through the fifth set. 

Sycamore got up to an 11-4 lead, but the Lady Cubs came racing back to make the last set close. The Lady War Eagles pulled away at the very end to win the final set 15-11.

“We kind of held it together there at the end,” Sycamore coach Larry Hunter said. “I just tried to keep telling them how good they were when they play together and uplift each other. If we keep our attitude and effort up, our play usually follows that.”

Sycamore’s next contest will be home match against Fairview on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Cheatham was set to travel to Springfield on Monday, Sept. 30. Both Cheatham and Sycamore are winding down the regular season and look to keep improving as the postseason approaches.

“I told the girls over there in the huddle after the game that I think that was the most motivated I’ve ever seen us play,” Cheatham coach Aaron Nicholson said. “I know a lot of it is because we were playing Sycamore, and that’s a rivalry, but I also believe a lot of it was the fact that we played a lot more confident. 

“When you’re doing well, motivation comes a little easier. That’s a little different than how we’ve been playing all season, and we are a little late here in the regular season, but if they’re going to start playing like that, it might as well be now.”

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