ASHLAND CITY – Greenbrier defeated Cheatham County 24-6 on Friday night.

The Bobcats used a strong running game to dominate time of possession and the tempo. Izik Rector and Reagan Conquest, the two main running backs, led Greenbrier’s offense. Rector recorded two scores on the ground, while Conquest scored once The Bobcats also threw for a touchdown when sophomore quarterback Brogan Harden found Ryan Poole for a touchdown. 

“We’re really pleased with our guys tonight,” Greenbrier coach John Elmore said. “Especially when you come in with the record we had, you’re always pleased with a win. Just proud of them, especially with the conditions, because instead of being 100 degrees, it was finally cold and rainy.”

Cheatham couldn’t seem to find a handle on the game literally or physically. During the first drive, a bad snap on third-and-1 forced the Cubs to punt. Three dropped passes, two fumbles and missed blocking assignments also hurt Cheatham throughout the game. 

The Cubs did have a few bright spots, though, as Zach Kessler disrupted the Greenbrier backfield and blocked a punt late in the fourth quarter. That allowed Joe Moseley to get into the end zone on a backwards swing pass.

“When things don’t go right, you just have to do your job,” Cheatham coach Dwayne Daniel said. “We have to get a lot of that out of our system. It’s a struggle for me, because I thought I could come in and fix it, but it’s going to take some time.”

Elmore also took a few moments to talk about his running of Conquest and Rector.

“They both run hard and they’re durable,” Elmore added. “Of course, Izik is a little bigger (and) thicker than Reagan, but Reagan’s got a little more speed. We felt like we needed to run the ball well (tonight), and we were able to.”

Earlier in the season, Cheatham was often running a triple option, wishbone-type offense, but the Cubs played almost exclusively out of shotgun against Greenbrier. They also put the ball more often than usual.

“We wanted to open up the offense a little more and give our guys a few more reads,” Daniel added. “We’re trying to get back to a full (offensive) system right now.”

Greenbrier improved to 2-6 and will enjoy a week off for fall break. Cheatham fell to 1-7 and will also have its open date this Friday. 

The Bobcats will return to action at Springfield Oct. 25. The Cubs will host Sycamore the same night.

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