Two new fishing piers were added on Percy Priest Lake.

Two new fishing piers were built by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency on Percy Priest Lake near the Stewart Creek access area.

The piers were built during low water and will be fish-able when the lake rises. Man-made structure was added around the piers to attract fish. Crappie, bass and bluegill are particularly drawn to such cover.

The piers are large enough to accommodate several fishermen and are free to the public.

State parks input: Visitors to state parks and natural areas can submit suggestions and comments about what they like or dislike to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

The input will be considered as part of a plan for the parks’ future management during the next decade.

The plan is called TN 2030: Tennessee State Recreation Plan. The input will be considered when deciding the parks’ future management.

Details about the plan and how to submit ideas and suggestions are available at tnstateparks.com.

Carp survey: The TWRA asked fishermen to notify the agency of any Asian carp they catch, 9 inches and less, as part of its effort to track the spread of the invasive species.

The carp can be frozen or kept on ice until collected. Or fishermen can send a photo to ans.twra@tn.gov, along with information about the date and location of the catch.

The spread of Asian carp poses a threat to the state’s billion-dollar sports fishing industry by competing against native species in the food chain. They are also a hazard to boaters and water skiers when they leap from the water.

Fishing comments: Anglers are invited to send comments and suggestions about regulations to the TWRA to be considered when new regulations are implemented. Information is posted on tnwildlife.org.

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