Ashland City

Jennifer Moore to James and Sarah Rice, 2387 Bearwallow Rd., Ashland City, $151,000.

Chad and Stephanie Mitchell to Virginia Melo-Fernandez, 3186 Bell St., Ashland City, $174,900.

Regal Homes Co. to Galen Gray, 120 Boyd St., Ashland City, $209,900.

Chad and Lindsey Tanner to Merin Ellingwood, 1820 Mount Zion Rd., Ashland City, $250,000.

Joe and Lori Lloyd to K&G Rentals LLC, 1435 Dry Fork Rd., Ashland City, $153,000.

Marian Nelson to Eric and April Morse, 1037 Green Valley Dr., Ashland City, $150,000.

Regal Homes Co. to Michael Kisak, 2143 Bell St. #A, Ashland City, $205,000.

Christopher and Samantha Louallen to James and Dawn Tant and T & M Builders LLC, 1043 Nell Hooper Rd., Ashland City, $60,000.

Barbara Ann Heggie, Executrix of the Estate of James Donald Heggie to Barbara Heggie, 122 Turner St., Ashland City, $138,000.

Wanda Cochran to Stanley Cochran, 2215 & 2217 Bearwallow Rd., Ashland City, $220,000.

Maple Hills Partners LLC to Garrion Evans and Maranda Pruitt, 556 Skyview Dr., Ashland City, $197,5000.

Donna Faye Ochoa, Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of Donald Gray Lewis and Wanda Sue Bradford and Kenneth Gray Lewis to Robert Porter, 1018 Jane Cir., Ashland City, $72,500.

John and Kay Selby, Jr. to Ralph Owen, 400 Warioto Way #912, Ashland City, $400,000.

Matthew and Elizabeth Lewis to Brandon and Christian Bell, 1376 Leaf  Ln., Ashland City, $235,000.

Edutceh Inc. to Christopher and Jordan Wiseman, 1133 Golf Course Ln., Ashland City, $264,500.

Justin and Ashley Bush to Opendoor Property C LLC, 1004 Trapeurs Ln., Ashland City, $215,500.

Robert and Kristi Buchanan to Kristi Link, 410 Eisenhower Dr., Ashland City, $225,000.

Carl and Margaret Krantz to Nelson Molina, 101 Nimitz Cir., Ashland City, $219,900.

Darren Perry to Joseph Demidio, 1009 Macon Wall Rd., Ashland City, $190,000.

Regal Homes Co. to Troy Waller, 218 Olive Row, Ashland City, $219,000.

Stacy Hunter to Michael Ryan Northcutt and Michael Patrick Northcutt, 1055 Meadowbrook Rd., Ashland City, $65,000.

Cindy Harrison to Ronald and Julie Gleason, 400 Warioto Way #203, Ashland City, $228,000.


Richard and Susie Vanetten to David P. Webb Trustee of the Micah Webb Trust, 1208 Chapmansboro Rd., Chapmansboro, $135,000.

Vaal Properties LLC to Jorge Carapia, 1011 Hopewood Ln., Chapmansboro, $135,000.

Marzee Skelton  to Wanda Anderson, 1781 Buck Hollow Rd., Chapmansboro, $148,000.

Evita Carroll to Terry and Flora Strauser, 1373 Porter Morris Rd., Chapmansboro, $215,000.


Troy Hudgens Sole Heir of Linda Gayle Hudgens to Justin Elliott and Kayla Stechauner, 7402 Old Clarksville Pike, Joelton, $238,150.

Kingston Springs

Kenneth Baker and Perri Page Trustees of the Baker-Page Joint Revocable Trust to Linda Tabor Trustee of the Linda N. Tabor Trust under Revocable Living Trust Agreement dates January 17, 2006, 1009 Cliff View Dr. North, Kingston Springs, $615,000.

Jonathan and Kayla Allgood to Douglas and Emily Hungate, Jr., 412 Harpeth Meadows Dr., Kingston Springs, $82,500.

William and Donna Piehl to Joshua Kendrick, 505 Cunningham Ct., Kingston Springs, $177,000.

Donald and Cheri Doolin to Matthew Dix and Brittany Vanwagone, 1002 Mayes Rd., Kingston Springs, $232,000.

Joe McKeon to Laszlo and Hannelore Repas, 1208 Wildlife Trail, Kingston Springs, $353,000.

Thomas Short to Heather Kile and Andrew Damon, 1191 Wax Wing Cir., Kingston Springs, $232,000.

Terri and David Seydel to Ernest and Laura Palachios, 1022 Chickadee Trl., Kingston Springs, $465,000.

Joseph and Mary Combs, Jr. to James and Jayne Mikush, 213 Harpeth View Trail, Kingston Springs, $299,900.

Henry and Mavis Barron to Spencer and Anastacia Garrett, 103 Martin Ct., Kingston Springs, $209,000.

James and Amanda Wells to Christopher Johnson and Paula Maxwell, 1001 Copper Still Cir., Kingston Springs, $260,000.

William and Lisa Davis Trustees of the Davis Revocable Living Trust to Isadora Duhaime-Trowbridge and Michael Trowbridge, 1012 Vereo Ct., Kingston Springs, $314,000.

Jim and Marcia Myatt to Ann Reitmann, 112 Madeline Way, Kingston Springs, $319,900.

Larry and Jody Holt Trustees of the Holt Family Revocable Living Trust to Jesse And Carli Aldridge, 0 Cliff View Drive N, Lot 24, Kingston Springs, $75,000.


Carolyn Miller to Trinity Group of Middle Tennessee LLC, 5020 Francis Ln., Pegram, $140,000.

Donald and Valerie Main to James Culpepper, 6001 Riverview Dr., Pegram, $370,000.

Brett and Susan Alkire to Luke Conrad, 677 Lone Oak Dr., Pegram, $304,000.

Robert and Sheila Harris to Tracy and Joshua Edwards, 477 River Chase Ct., Pegram, $425,000.

Tracy and Joshua Edwards to Caleb and Rachel Longshore, 1347 Old Charlotte Pike, Pegram, $335,000.

Reba Edlin to Allyson Baldinger, 541 Juniper Dr., Pegram, $290,000.

Curte and Esta Stitt, Jr. to Christopher Moody, 507 Bent Tree Dr., Pegram, $329,000.

William and Linda Wilkinson to WGB Properties LLC, 0 Old Sams Creek Rd. Lot#568, Pegram, $222,000.

Trinity Group of Middle Tennessee LLC to Erin Shockley, 4210 Marshall Woodard Rd., Pegram, $258,900.

Patricia Phy and Barton Mangrum to Rogers and Patricia Jackson, Lot 6, Dawson Jones, Old Charlotte Pike, Pegram, $65,000.

Donald and Leslie Bruce, Jr. to Adam and Keri Daugherty, 1233 Old Charlotte Pike, Pegram, $75,000.

Pleasant View

Phillip and Sondra Tharp to John and Leigh Barry, 1249 Filmore Harris Rd., Pleasant View, $308,000.

Tara Bailey to Michael and Aimee Burney, 1020 Bee Tee Ln., Pleasant View, $499,900.

David and Jessica Robberson to Schuyler Dunn, 427 Preakness Cir., Pleasant View, $250,000.

David and Lizabeth Brasells to James Byers and Jon Craig, 5075 Highpoint Rd., Pleasant View, $320,000.

Bumpus Development LLC to Archer Centurion LLC, Lots 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 40, 41 & 42, Walnut Grove, Pleasant View, $375,000.

Tim and Diana Cottrell to James Johnson, 1390 Old Clarksville Pike, Pleasant View, $50,000.

Caleb and Sophia Bagby to Jeffrey Sawyer and Qin Zhou, 5992 Hwy 41A, Pleasant View, $365,000.

Joshua and Lindsay Dickey to Mattie Huff, 310 Misty Dr., Pleasant View, $260,000.

Tucker Nelson to Benjamin and Haley Bryan, 1299 Old Clarksville Pike, Pleasant View, $206,000.

Joseph and Brenda Miele to Vera Felts, 199 Winfrey Ct., Pleasant View, $299,000.

Trey and Katie Pegram to Robert and Beck Demarco, 1162 Keystone Dr., Pleasant View, $425,000.

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