“Zeal without doctrine is like a sword in the hands of a lunatic” — John Calvin.

Without a correct understanding of truth, some professing believers can be very dangerous.

Those who have a great eagerness to serve but have never taken the time to learn and memorize portions of scripture often err. To neglect the line upon line, precept upon precept approach to doctrine leaves a man without a proper foundation upon which to build his spiritual house.

We are told to study the scriptures to show ourselves approved unto God. This lack of discipline has led many into extra-Biblical revelations. They are, so-to-speak, the captain of their own ship.

I’ve noticed this in “Deliverance ministries.” Christians attempting to cast demons out of other Christians. There is no theological basis for this practice. The only thing a born-again believer is possessed with is a hope that is steadfast and sure. The Christian is filled with the Spirit of the living God.

Another area of misconception is the “Kingdom Now” principles — that this present life will evolve to an earthly Utopia. We need to be established, looking only to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. To be rooted and grounded in the truth is the best gift we can give to others.

In a time when television evangelists are focused on self-esteem and some of our pulpits are anemic, we need to trust in Christ and stay in His word.

I could elaborate more on the errors in the church, but I think Spurgeon’s method is the best, “If a crooked stick is before you, you need not explain how crooked it is. Lay a straight one down by the side of it, and the work is well done. Preach the truth, and error will stand abashed in its presence.”

Sue West is available to speak at churches and home Bible Study groups. Contact her at preacher_west@yahoo.com.sg

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