To the Editor:

When reading the letter regarding the best ways to identify a liberal now, I laughed until I hurt.

What was concerning mostly is that this person was describing Donald Trump. Trump lies, spews trash talk, manipulates and cons. The writer of this article obviously thinks they are an expert on liberals. Wrong!!! I don't think they know what a true liberal is. I don't.

I personally don't like labels. They tend to be wrong and sometimes hurtful. Trump labels the free press as Fake News. We all know better than that. He labels our neighbors to the south as rapists and gang members. We all know better than that.

I encourage every American who reads this kind of trashy labeling to see beneath it and judge it for what it is: ignorance and divisive trash. We need to move on from the Trumpian era of bullying and name calling. We don't need to con each other with lies and labels. That is why I call out to all American patriots to vote blue in 2020.

Garry Barber

Pleasant View

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