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To the Editor:

Civility means respect. I was taught by my 30-year regular Army father to respect everyone. But the gloves now come off.

A Republican most of my life, although I have never voted a straight ticket, Trump and the disrespect he shows for people, women in particular, and our democracy has driven me away from the GOP.

Now let’s address (letter to the editor writer) Campbell’s (yes, I am referring to you using your last name because you don’t deserve the respect of Mr. or Fred) attack on Democrats. Democrats as it turns out are the most respectful and most honest party. Let’s take a look at some of the things they have done for us over the years:

Gave us Social Security (Republicans voted against it), viewed as the best retirement program for seniors in the world; Gave us Medicare - another wonderful program; Gave us the clean water act and the clean air act so we have breathable air and potable water. The Democrats don’t want to raise taxes; they want a fair and equitable tax system that doesn’t take away from the average American and give it to the richest the way the Republicans have.

Wow, what a novel and respectful idea. Democrats don’t want to take our guns. They want to keep them out of the hands of the crazies and idiots. Trump and his enablers have been lying about the integrity of our election and inciting you and his base with baseless claims about fraud and voting machines changing votes for Trump to President Biden. Hilarious!

After over 50 lawsuits and numerous recounts, the election has been described by most intelligent people as being the most accurate, safe and secure election in our history. I guess it is tough to accept when your candidate receives the worst defeat of a sitting president in both popular vote and electoral college. The majority has spoken.

Now let’s get to the last words on civility. On Wednesday, Jan. 6, Trump, Hawley and Cruz (all Republicans) incited a riot and insurrection against our Capitol. Five Americans lost their lives and damage was done to our Capitol. It was the most disrespectful act against our democracy in history. Trump will be remembered for this egregious act throughout history. Campbell wants to stereotype Dems as being deceitful and having a lack of civility.

Garry Barber

Pleasant View

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