To the Editor:

I support a wall. I also agree that an ugly wall crossing the rolling, unspoiled acres of the Southwest would be scar on this beautiful landscape.

We do realize that there are laws passed by bipartisan Congresses that deal with immigration and border security to protect our national sovereignty. There is no reason we should be in this predicament. If our representatives would enforce the laws already passed, we would not need a wall; but they will not.

Washington created agencies funded by tax dollars to keep track of non-citizens entering our country. But sadly, nothing happens; these agencies are obviously impotent.

When “assimilate” is mentioned, whoever uses that term is classified as a racist, a homophobic, an Islamophobic, a Nazi, deplorable or anti-American by the radical left. But every immigrant coming to our country is either from populist or despot governments and have no idea what a representative government is.

Immigrants coming into our country should assimilate, speak English and be instructed in our founding and history. They need to adapt and become part of our society. If they are fleeing their country and oppression by coming to our country, they don’t need to bring their culture or laws (Sharia Law) into our culture.

If they won’t accept the American way, they need to stay where they came from. But the radical left doesn’t see it that way and assimilation is a non-factor. Illegals are often given more consideration than American citizens or those individuals trying to come in legally by obeying our laws.

The Democrats assume the illegals will support and vote Democrat as soon as they are absorbed into our society. What these immigrants don’t realize is that they are coming to a future Venezuela if the Democrats and establishment get their way.

Venezuela was once the most prosperous democratic country in South America until they turned it over to a neo-socialist; now they are starving and fleeing. What is even more distressing is that many American citizens are accepting this socialist ideology. Look at all the neo-socialists running for president in the Democratic party. They are not only Communist, they are politicians.

Time has proved politicians are inept, incompetent and the last people we should depend on to solve our problems; yet they all want to be president!


Wayne Romans


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