To the Editor:

A woman is the Democrats’ answer for leadership in U.S.A. to fix all of the problems. Qualifications will not matter or be considered if she will be a puppet like the last Democrat president.

Democrats’ goals are to have their party have the bragging rights of having the first black person and first woman president. Democrats do not care how business is run as long as U.S.A. is destroyed.

Democrats’ first priority is to revenge Hillary’s loss. Hillary did not win because she was not fit, qualified or have the right mindset to do the right things for America and citizens. Hillary has not and will not abide by laws or the Constitution. The U.S.A. dodged a bullet that had transformation or destroy written all over it.

Now Democrats are calling for a field of candidates with more debates to outdo the Republicans’ field of 17 in the 2016 primaries. I say Let’s get it on because the debates will show how dumb, out of touch with reality and unqualified that all Democrats really are.

There is not anyone in the Democrat party with the intellect to lead the U.S.A. in the direction of staying a sovereign nation with a Constitution of a Republic of being financial fit as an independent country.

Russia and China are on the move to enlarge their militaries. The Middle East is not at ease. Europe is under attack by its people protesting. South America all wants to come to America for free everything. Immigrants are being coached by Democrats saying come on in we will take care of all of your needs. Immigrants are being used as pawns by Democrats to further the debt of America.

Democrats will drop immigrants like a hot potato if a transformation comes about. Democrats use immigration, open borders and climate change to break the bank to achieve their goals of a takedown.

Yes, women can destroy a man and never blink an eye. A woman at this given time with the world in a turmoil of change would be a very dangerous endeavor to put the U.S.A. and her citizens in. Americans cannot take a chance.

Don’t get me wrong; I love women. I show respect to all. My wife of 58 years is very intelligent on most subjects, but to be president. I can’t take the chance knowing so many people that would lose if America goes down for the count like Democrats have planned.

A woman? I vote no. A Democrat? I vote no and wish I could vote several more no never, never, never no never. I’m not biased, my opinions are based on the facts, not fake news. 

Fred W. Campbell

Ashland City

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