To the Editor:

Cheatham County prides itself on maintaining the smalltown feel, but harbors undertones of danger.

After having lived in Sumner, Wilson, Rutherford, Williamson and now Cheatham, this area has the scariest roads by far. So many personal stories have been shared, and who can ignore the stories across the news and newspapers. Many vehicle accidents have broken families and damaged properties. 

We shouldn’t blame the drivers.

The careless message is from the county and the cities. The value and legitimacy of road signs is questionable. SR249, aka Bearwallow, is a case in point. Even at the posted 45 mph speed limit, oncoming traffic often veers across the lane. 

Less than half of the road can be safely travelled at the speed limit. Several sharp curves along the 7.2-mile stretch often have posted maximum speeds of 30 or 35 mph. Then, standing less than 20 yards between these sharp curves is a 45 mph sign. Should I speed up and then hit the brakes? Is this what the driver behind me wants? Is this what the city officials and local police think is best? 

You may know that TDOT is currently working on land acquisition and assessing the safety of this area, it could take at least a couple years before they begin with any actual changes. Let’s show some community responsibility and lower the speed limit to 40 mph.

Driving slower will reduce the wear and tear on brakes, tires and engines. Driving slower will allow more control of the vehicle around curves, preventing property damage, financial burdens and even losses of life. 

If you have kids, you know they learn by your example, and driving slower will teach them to be more cautious when they too become drivers. 

If you are truly in an emergency-type hurry, call the police and get a lighted/siren escort. Use your hazard lights. Be mindful of the dangers of driving fast.

Do you have a lead foot and LOVE GOING FAST? Why not work to create safe places for this passion? Race tracks, a go-kart center, dirt-bike trails, mountain biking trails, etc.

There are teenagers, elderly drivers, and mothers with young children on our roads. Please, let’s all work together make these roads safer. 

Lower the posted speed limits and reduce speeding.

Sophia Britt

Ashland City

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