Sue West


“They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.” (Luke 5:31)

Our world is plagued by many different diseases. We, therefore, have need for various types of specialists. 

If we were diagnosed with cancer, we would not desire to see a podiatrist. If we were diagnosed with heart disease, we would not seek help from a pediatrician. No, the fact is we would want to see the doctor who specializes in the disease we have. We would desire his time and expertise in all matters pertaining to our unique and individual case. 

How foolish to see a foot doctor when cancer is eating away at our life’s blood. How insane to see a baby doctor when our heart is constantly out of rhythm. According to Scripture all men have been diagnosed with an illness, namely, sin-sickness. It first started in the Garden of Eden and spread throughout that region all the way down to every man and woman who would ever be born into this world. 

It’s a disease of the soul and its remedy requires one who specializes in its removal. If you have cancer and you desire to see the doctor and the receptionist says to you, “He is not here today, perhaps you can see one of his assistants,” you would be disappointed. Perhaps the receptionist would say, “I’m sorry he’s not in, here are many good books he has written.” You would say, “No, I want to see the man who has not only the remedy, but the knowledge and treatment for my malady.” 

This is the same earnestness we should exert in seeking Jesus, the great physician. He is the one who has both the cure and knowledge of our condition. We should not be content in hearing His assistants’ experiences about Him, or their interpretations of the way they see Him. We should not content ourselves in reading all the books others have written of Him. 

We should be as adamant as the man or woman with cancer who desires to see the oncologist up close and in person. The disease of sin cannot be cured simply by reading books and listening to preachers. We need to have a one-on-one encounter with Christ. Merely reading other men’s thoughts will not bring the cure we desire, though at times they have within their content the ability to point us to the one who has all power. 

Not only does Jesus have a special interest in relieving us of our moral affliction, He wants to go to the root of the issue and heal us forever. He doesn’t want us in remission only from our sins. He wants us delivered from sin and all the ill effects it’s taken upon our lives. 

Therefore, go to the specialist today. Maybe you have been to Him before, but it seems you have allowed the disease to resurface. Go to no friend, read no book, go to Christ! It is in Christ alone we find wholeness and soundness for our minds and health to all of our flesh. 

“Remember if you are a child of God, you will never be happy in sin.” — C.H Spurgeon

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