Sue West

Sue West

“So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” (Romans 8:8)

In the early 1980s rock star Bob Seger came out with a hit song entitled, “Against the Wind”. I know some of us remember it and probably still enjoy listening to the familiar tune. 

The scripture tells us to walk after the Spirit and we will not follow the dictates of the flesh, as Bob Seger would say, “Run against the wind.” When we walk according to God’s plan for our life it is not easy, but it is by far much better. When we follow the dictates of the flesh, we encounter numerous afflictions that constantly hinder us from God’s best and steals our inner peace. 

Have you ever walked into a hard-blowing wind? It’s quite difficult, taking all you have to make headway. However, if you turn around and walk in the direction the wind is blowing, it is much easier. In fact, the opposing wind now becomes the wind aiding our spiritual growth and development. Be sure to set your sail if you intend to walk in the fullness of the Spirit. 

For many years I, as well as many other Christians, found ourselves running against the wind or better said, contrary to the will of God. Those years were difficult, but we can be thankful that the same wind we walked against eventually spun us around and now we’re walking toward the land of the immortal. We’re walking in the direction the Holy Spirit has destined, no longer blown about by the distractions of this life. 

Things may not always be easy, but we can be sure if we’re living and breathing, the Holy Spirit will bring the plan of Christ to fruition in our lives. 

Some popular prophetic voices have risen in this late hour saying a new breed of Christian is rising. I have to disagree with them. The new breed came on the day of Pentecost and existed for one purpose, to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. It was a rare and focused group. 

I believe if there is any truth of a “new breed” of Christian rising, it will be the exact duplicate of the old breed. It will be a people who walk in the Spirit. It is prosperity, full bellies and idle time that sent a void into the Christian masses. 

Perhaps it will be a touch of poverty, accompanied with some inconveniences, that will return us to the God of our fathers. Perhaps it’s today’s circumstances the wind of the Holy Spirit will use to make us God chasers instead of pleasure seekers. 

Much of Seger’s lyrics describe a life lived contrary to the Holy Spirit.

“Against the wind

We were runnin' against the wind

We were young and strong, we were runnin' against the wind


The years rolled slowly past

And I found myself alone

Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends

I found myself further and further from my home, and I

Guess I lost my way

There were oh-so-many roads

I was living to run and running to live.”

How are we presently living under current conditions? We need to search ourselves often. Our flesh is very deceptive and unfortunately given to things outside of God’s will.

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