Sue West

Sue West

“By faith Moses forsook Egypt, he did not fear the wrath of the king: for he endured; as seeing him who is invisible.” (Hebrews 11:27)

This verse of scripture explains the essence of faith far more than any other verse I have read.

Because the Christian life is a life of faith, it is good to understand what it means. Many scriptures throughout the Bible encourage us to live by faith, to walk by faith and to put our trust and hope in someone we have never seen with the physical eye. Faith, as taught in many Christian circles is no more than a how-to method to twist the arm of God to have our wants met.

This is not Biblical faith; in all reality it is putting God in a box and demanding Him to do things our way. This is a very disrespectful way to treat the Creator of the universe. True faith does not lean upon its own understanding, but rather seeks to acknowledge the will of God daily through the most difficult of circumstances.

Faith gives substance to the things we are hoping for as long as those things are in the will of God for us to obtain.

How absurd has the teaching of faith become over the years. It’s a confession and demand exercise in futility. Its central focus is man’s desire to attain all things material based upon his own lust. It is like a toddler sitting in the floor whining for his toys and refusing to relinquish his annoying cry until he gets what he wants.

On the other hand, true Biblical faith refuses to settle for anything less than the perfect will of God. This kind of faith is birthed through many hard and difficult lessons until it becomes our first response in all circumstances. It is not a faith that can be taught in religious seminars or learned from the hyper-faith Gnostics of this age.

I am writing about faith because this is a message that we need to bring us peace during these uncertain times. The trials we face in today’s world requires much more than a superficial profession of a worked-up belief system. It will require a faith that has been through the fire, stood the test and has come out persuaded that neither death nor life, nor principalities or powers, neither height nor depth nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Our gracious God has been preparing many of us for such a time as this. It is a day in which living by faith is more than a mere profession, but a way of life so deeply ingrained in the fabric of our humanity that we cannot be broken by the will of the enemy. It is times like this we can thank our God for taking us through so many things over the years.

If we had not endured the hardships of the past, we would be no more than immature flippant professors of a non-Biblical belief system.

If you have never read the biography of George Muller, now might be a good time. This saintly old man ran an orphanage. Not once did he surrender to the pressing need to appeal to people for financial support. He took every need to Christ and by faith, the children were fed. By faith, they were clothed and by this man’s authentic faith God was praised and glorified in the beauty of His holiness. Child of God, have you need of anything today? Take it to Christ. He will honor our sincere dependence upon Him and do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ask or think.

The hour has come to throw superficial Christianity out the window and lay hold of the horns of the altar saying as Jacob, “Lord I will not let you go until you bless me.” Remember true faith sees Him who is invisible.

It understands His love and His desire to see us through the most trying of times. If you have a faith you have to work up through endless confessions, it is not a biblical faith.  Biblical faith says, “What He does not keep us from, He will keep us through, Thy will be done.”

“A little faith will bring your soul to Heaven; a great faith will bring Heaven to your soul.”  — C.H. Spurgeon

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