Sue West

Sue West

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

I would like to tell you about a scrap of time that seemed immeasurable to me. It was the year 2020, a year of unrest and destabilization.

The political division of the prior years escalated exponentially as the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31. Leaving 2019 behind we ventured into unfamiliar territory. It was the undoing of everything our generation ever knew. The statues representing our American heritage were all of a sudden deemed racist and, one by one, they toppled to the ground. Vulgarities were shouted at these dead pieces of stone while graffiti covered their faces. 

It was the year we were demanded by so-called professionals to “Put a covering on our faces.” “Mask up, it’s for your own good,” they said. Each day the smiles vanished and the laughter faded. The physical climate grew dark, cold, selfish and unfriendly.

A strand of the flu they called the “Coronavirus” had entered the population and a spirit of fear gripped the hearts and minds of many.

On the heels of this unrest came the red horse rider. Peace, respect and common decency were removed from the land. Though there were no wars abroad, an inward civil war raged. We sat and watched on our televisions as people bashed in store front windows and set buildings on fire.

It was the year disrespect was unleashed in an unprecedented degree. A spirit of lawlessness affected every avenue in our society. Scene after scene of brutality flashed before our eyes while we gasped in horror. People of color and Caucasian people, who before loved each other, now found the color of skin offensive. 

From this point we move on to the pale horse of death. Suicide was rampant; depression was stealing life from the elderly and our youth. The mandated isolation orders in other states destroyed the hopes and dreams of many. The CDC declared almost everyone who died had ties to the Coronavirus. It’s as if people quit dying from natural causes. Things like the common flu or pneumonia were no longer problematic. It was all about a virus.

I am by no means downplaying it but neither do I choose to overrate it.  Our land is out of balance, the pendulum of everything we do goes either all the way to the right or all the way to the left.  We have endured a scrap of time, immeasurable. 

Perhaps this year was just a small introduction to the time the Bible speaks of as the “Great Tribulation” or the time better known to the Jewish people as the time of, “Jacob’s Trouble.” For then, there shall be unparalleled commotion and chaos such as the world has never known before.  You may ask me about the uplifting and encouraging part of this devotion. To that I would reply, “read between the lines.”

Do we not see how the grace of God has sustained us during these troubling times? Do we not see that every time we sat down for dinner the good Lord had put food on our plates? Do we not see His hand holding us up? Let us hope and pray that 2021 will be more inviting. May we enjoy a time of peace, rest and good will toward all men.

Lord Jesus, will you please speak, “Peace be still,” to 2021?

May we all have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

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