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On gray winter days when an Arctic wind moans through the eaves and sleet peppers against the windowpanes like No. 7 bird-shot, I enjoy sitting by the fire and tying flies.

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With the moves this past week that sent Malcolm Butler and Kenny Vaccaro into free agency and sent first-round bust Isaiah Wilson to the Miami Dolphins for pocket change, the Tennessee Titans now have their salary cap house in order.

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In the 1960s bald eagles were endangered and virtually extinct in most parts of the United States. Today they are as common as pigeons on statues, but less messy.

One of the good things – maybe the only good thing – about these miserable February days is using them as an excuse to sit by the fire with a favorite old book, with each musty, tattered, dog-eared, coffee-stained page a nostalgic delight.

Out in Washington we may have paused to open the book on a new Congress, but the families, small business owners, and educators who call Tennessee home haven’t missed a beat. Life has gone on, even in the face of a “new normal” that long ago wore out its welcome. 

The Promise Land Heritage Association is holding its first fundraising campaign to raise approximately $50,000 for the restoration of the 85-year-old building that once housed the St. John Methodist Church congregation.

This is going to be a mild weather week across Middle Tennessee with high temperatures from the upper 40s to low 50s and you sure can’t beat that at this time of year.