Pleasant View and Kingston Springs have contested elections Nov. 3, with 10 candidates running for six seats altogether.

The list of candidates for both towns was recently finalized and provided by the Cheatham County Election Commission’s office.

In Pleasant View, where Mayor Perry Keenan is not seeking a third term, there are three candidates for his job. There are also three candidates for the town’s Board of Aldermen, with two seats up for grabs.

In Kingston Springs, all candidates run for the Board of Commissioners, with the board members then choosing among themselves whom to appoint as mayor. Four candidates are in the race for a board seat this year, with three seats available.

In both towns, the vice mayor is chosen by the board after being elected to the board.

For both towns, all terms of elected office last four years, and the terms are staggered, with some ending this year and some lasting until 2022.

Both municipal elections are at-large instead of by ward or district.

Pleasant View

In the Pleasant View mayor’s race, the two candidates are currently on the Board of Aldermen — Heather Hardwick and Bill Anderson.

On the board, the terms of Hardwick and Kyle Pritchett are expiring, while the terms of Anderson and Vice Mayor Bruce Drake run through late 2022.

Pritchett is seeking re-election. Larry Vernon, Jill Niccolich and Ronnie Curtis are also running for the board, making it a four-way race for the seats now held by Hardwick and Pritchett.

If Anderson wins the mayor’s race, his current post would not be claimed by the third-place finisher in the board race, City Hall staff said. Instead, the board would appoint someone to fill out the remainder of his term.

If Anderson loses the mayor’s race, he stays on as alderman because his term is continuing, unlike the terms of board members Hardwick and Pritchett.

The new terms of office begin Dec. 8.

Kingston Springs

The terms of Kingston Springs Mayor Tony Gross, Vice Mayor Geoff Lorenz and Commissioner Glenn Remick are expiring this year. Commissioners Josh Eatherly and Mike Hargis are in the middle of their terms.

Gross and Remick are seeking re-election; Lorenz is not. Carolyn Clark and Todd Verhoven are also running, making it a four-way race for three seats.

At the start of the new term, the board — consisting of the election winners plus Eatherly and Hargis — will pick a mayor and vice mayor. Gross has been leading the town government since 2014, two years after first winning a seat on the board.

The commissioners are due to be sworn in for the new terms Dec. 17.

Voting procedures

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Cheatham County residents can vote in person Oct. 14-29 at one of three early voting locations in the county (Pleasant View City Hall, Pegram City Hall, The David McCulllough Community Room at Sycamore Square).

Eligible residents may also apply to vote by absentee mail by submitting an application. The deadline to submit an application to vote by absentee mail is Tuesday, Oct. 27. Ballot materials will be sent out as soon as they are available. To download an application to vote by absentee mail go to

To register to vote go to The deadline to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 5.

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