Cheatham County Sheriff's Office

Cheatham County Sheriff's Office

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is beginning a review of an officer-involved shooting in Cheatham County for the second time in two weeks after a woman was shot and killed this past weekend.

Beth Plant, the mother of world champion boxer and Ashland City native Caleb Plant, was being transported to a hospital by ambulance on Saturday, March 9 when she pulled a knife from her backpack, according to a TBI news release.

The ambulance driver pulled over at New Hope Road and Highway 41A and requested help from law enforcement. When a deputy arrived, Beth Plant, 51, who was then out of the ambulance, waved the knife at the deputy, according to the release. The deputy fired at the woman and she was taken to a Nashville hospital but died.

The TBI, which investigates officer-involved shootings only upon request by the district attorney.

Caleb Plant responds

As of Monday, Caleb Plant did not wish to make public statements other than one on Facebook, his publicist, Mario Serrano, said.

“I know in the end it’s your demons we always talked (about) that got the best of you,” Caleb Plant wrote in a post. “Maybe you always told me because you knew I’d understand because we shared some of the same ones but you didn’t deserve for them to do that to you.”

The TBI is also investigating a deputy-involved shooting in Cheatham County from Thursday, Feb. 29.

In that incident, a sheriff’s deputy shot an Ashland City man who reportedly attempted to hit a deputy, who was out of his cruiser, with his vehicle, according to a TBI news release. Josh Cathey, 33, was hit in the arm and his injury was considered non-life-threatening.

Sheriff’s response

Sheriff Mike Breedlove posted on Facebook about the two shootings. Regarding the shooting of Beth Plant, he defended the actions of the deputy.

“She was closing in on the deputy with a sharp instrument,” the Facebook post said. “The deputy screamed many times for her to stop and drop it, she kept coming. For some reason of her own, she decided it was now her time.”

Breedlove also added that Cheatham County law enforcement officers and deputies are highly trained and never wish to take a life.

“It’s easy to second guess an officer’s decision when you have hours, days and months to study, scrutinize and opine from the couch,” the post said. “It’s another when you're out there in the darkness as screams, blood and weapons enter into the mix.”

He concluded by asked the public to pray for a quiet and safe week.

“We don’t know why these events came so close together,” according to the post, “but we do know that our commitment to protecting you and facing evil will never waiver.”

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