Just two weeks into her job as Cheatham County Animal Control director, Brooke Hall was greeted with a disgusting surprise.

“As with all of the other issues I have been dealing with and fixing that were left for me, all of our dry dog and cat food has maggots in it,” Hall wrote on the shelter’s Facebook page last week.

Hall explained that the spoiled food was stored in a building behind the shelter that is not temperature controlled.

All food is now being stored in the shelter itself, said Hall, who took over at the Pegram no-kill facility Sept. 30 after working at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Goodlettsville.

On social media, Hall urged the community to make donations, and people really stepped up, said Animal Control Officer Steve Tipton.

“We didn’t expect this at all,” Tipton said last Friday, showing the rows and stacks of food bags on the floor.

He said the quantity of donated food “easily” matches the amount that staff had to throw away, which was around 200 bags.

Staff members loaded the spoiled food into a pickup truck, then drove a short distance to the dumpster on the property for discarding. It took multiple trips, Tipton said. They threw away every bag in the outbuilding and sanitized the room, he added.

“We are truly blessed to have the greatest volunteers any organization could ask for,” Hall wrote on Facebook. “Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

She emphasized that all the new food is now in the climate-controlled shelter.

“We will be taking care of our food as if we would be eating it ourselves,” she wrote. “Change is upon us.”

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