Cathy Beck


All Cheatham County School District fulltime employees will receive a $500 bonus this month.

“Our intention in changing the insurance coverage from the district was to put our portion in the salary line instead,” Cheatham County Director of Schools Dr. Cathy Beck said. “This is the first step in what I hope are many to increase salaries for all employees that work in our district. Raising salaries is one of our top priorities.”

School board spokesperson Tim Adkins said that the school board approved the bonus at a special-called meeting last month. Employees will receive the bonus on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

“The bonus is just the first step in moving toward raises for all staff members,” Beck said. “In order to attract and retain quality teachers, our salaries need to be in line with surrounding counties.”

Adkins said that there was an increase in employee health insurance last December. 

“However, not all employees were affected,” he said. “The increase depended on what health insurance plan an employee selected.”

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