Sunday House

The Sunday House owner Terri Givens opened her restaurant in Pleasant View earlier this year.

For The Sunday House owner Terri Givens, the restaurant is a dream come true that is born of faith.

“It really isn’t what you think,” she said. “I was gonna call it Pleasant View Wings and More LLC.”

She has been thinking about ways to distinguish The Sunday House from other weekend dining choices.

“Connecting community through celebration has prompted plans to put together a yearly festival for one day with music, designed to celebrate diverse cultures,” she said. “The concept of The Sunday House has been a part of American culture for some time. They were originally built by German immigrants in Texas.

“The Sunday House was built because people live so far away from church. They would travel into town, stay overnight and go to church. They would buy supplies, cook dinner, fellowship, and do all these things like sing and stay at The Sunday House a couple of days, and then they would go back home. Sunday Houses are a place of rest. You eat and refuel, go to church to restore and refresh.”

Givens said the church tradition of sending comfort foods to someone who had lost a loved one is an example of The Sunday House tradition of hospitality, honor and bringing faith to life.

“Food is comfort and it’s also at the heart and soul of ministry for the body,” she said. “For me, doing this is my way of sending comfort, love, refuge. For me that’s what The Sunday House is. It’s a place where you can get some good food, have fellowship, worship, give thanks and be comfortable as well as comforted.”

Givens said she wants people to feel the love and joy that she puts into making the food, although the menu is still being fully developed.

“Logistically, I’m not sure I can do everything I want to do,” she said. My biggest challenge is how do I incorporate all of my ideas and be profitable. Right now, I’m not making any money at all. I need to create the right balance between workers and food, which I’m still figuring. I know I need more workers, but I just can’t afford it at this point.”

Givens and her husband of 25 years, Samuel, have lived in Pleasant View since 2019. They wanted to open The Sunday House in 2020 but the pandemic forced them to delay those plans for a year.

“The Sunday House is a place to feed the body, nourish the spirit and soul, and enjoy the fellowship as God is honored,” she said.