Pleasant View alderman Bill Anderson expressed concerns over having a city activity involving city equipment taking place on public property with regard to Cruise’n N Groove’n at the monthly meeting of the board of mayor and aldermen.

“I have zero issues with Cruise’n N Groove’n,” Anderson said. “I think it’s an awesome thing. My problem is getting on public property and doing things on public property with city equipment. If I’m a public citizen, and I see that, first thing I’m gonna say is, ‘Hey, when are you gonna do that for me?’ ”

City Attorney Martha Brooke Perry noted that the agreement was presented to her because of potential concerns.

She said that if the town is not providing service to help with clean up and care for the property, then it could be an issue. She added that insurance would cover liability.

The area in question is property that is used for overflow attendance at the event in The Village. The board voted down the proposed use of property for overflow 3-2 with Mayor Perry Keenan and alderman Heather Hardwick voting in favor.

The board also approved a contract for website services with Corey Foster of Core Business. The website contract will cover July 2019 through June 2020. The contract in the amount of $1,200 includes one hour of monthly maintenance.

A payment to Pleasant View Mill for $1,200 was approved for 40 yards of playground mulch in Balthrop Park.

The board also approved a resolution for the town to authorize Keenan to sign a conflict of interest declaration that acknowledges that Perry is also a member of the 911 board for Cheatham County. 

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for July 9 at 7 p.m.

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