Pegram Mayor Charles Morehead announced that speed humps will be installed soon to prevent speeding on Riverview Drive and Station Drive at the August meeting of the Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

“With speed humps if you go over 25 to 30 mph you’ll bottom out,” Morehead said.

Ann Good of 1520 Circle Dr. spoke about challenges she faces as a commuter trying to safely navigate her way to Highway 70.

“It’s a race to the red light at Thompson Road,” Good said, with adults going to work and kids heading to school.

Pegram school bus driver Christine Humphries voiced concerns about the number of drivers speeding when she runs her route and passing her.

A three-way stop is in place to help slow down the drivers, and the board is also looking into the feasibility of making sections of the roads one-way.

Also, the board voted to waive the $50 fee for use of the Parks and Recreation building in Pegram Park on Sept. 10 for use by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for the rock quarry.

The board also discussed paving contracts for Spring 2020.

Vice mayor Bill Herbert noted that funding would not require property tax dollars because tax revenue that’s already in place as well as funding from the state would be used for paving, resurfacing and addressing any draining issues.

It was noted that roughly 27 miles of roads in Pegram need attention.

Herbert said that in 6-8 years that all of the roads in Pegram could be completed.

The next monthly meeting of the Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take place at City Hall on Sept. 26 at 7 p.m.

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