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Speed bumps and speed humps have been set on Thompson Road (this one near Pegram United Methodist Church) as part of the paving project in Pegram. Mayor Charles Morehead said that he is not satisfied with the project. RANDY MOOMAW

Pegram Mayork Charles Morehead expressed his dissatisfaction with recent paving and installation of speed humps and speed bumps during the July 27 meeting of the Town of Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Morehead said that the speed deterrents not put in according to specifications and not painted so that approaching motorists could see them.

“I was not satisfied with some of what I saw,” Morehead said. “I will not sign a check for paving until roads are corrected. They need to fix all spots that are not right. The berm on Hannah Ford Road needs to be fixed. Plus, the seams in the asphalt are in many places off center.”

He emphasized the potential danger of speed bumps that have more issues with damage than speed humps, adding that more speed deterrents will be eventually going to the Tanglewood area.

“The wider ones work fine and are not as rough,” Vice Mayor Bill Herbert said. “We need to correct the issues and deficiencies. We also need to expedite painting on the asphalt.”

Herbert said that the paving was done in July by the Rogers Group of Nashville.

“The final cost has not been determined pending the final resolution of items in the engineer’s report,” Herbert said.

City Recorder Jamie Mrzena announcing that the 2020-21 budget had been approved by the state earlier than usual. Also, the town’s sewer audit was approved.

The board decided to set up a meeting to discuss the use of weather radios as a more feasible alternative to weather sirens.

The next meeting of the Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen is scheduled to take place Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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