The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen had a change of leadership at its monthly meeting on Aug. 31.

Longtime Cheatham County Board of Education member John Louallen was sworn in as mayor and Rankine Roth, a businessman, artist and musician, was sworn in as vice mayor.

Incumbent alderman Bob Sanders was also sworn in for a new term.

Mayor Charles Morehead and Vice Mayor Bill Herbert, representing a total of 50 years of service to the Town of Pegram, were celebrated before the ceremony.

Sanders presented Morehead and Herbert with plaques of appreciation.

“Bill has done a fantastic job as he has served as alderman for the last eight years, but he has done a lot in many ways to serve a lot longer than that,” said Sanders. “Charles has served four terms as mayor, with his last two terms in a row.”

Sanders gave details of Morehead’s commitment to the town.

“He has a fulltime job,” said Sanders. “He comes home from work, runs to the ball field and coaches; then leaves the ball field and comes to city hall to meet and do things here that have to get done, and then he goes home. If there’s a storm coming, he drives the salt truck in winter; if there’s a tree down, he goes and helps with cutting it.”

Morehead spoke to the board and others in attendance for the meeting.

“I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work for the town of Pegram,” said Morehead. “I thank the folks of Pegram who’ve voted for me and trusted me to be here. The groups I’ve worked with here have all been special in their own way. I always say that when you come into office you’ve got friends and you’ve got enemies. When you leave office, a lot of those enemies are now friends, and a lot of those friends are enemies. It works that way every term.

“I’m just glad that we’ve elected a guy that I think will do a great job for the town of Pegram. Thank you all, and I hope the town prospers. I love the town of Pegram, and I guess I’ll spend the rest of my life here.”

Herbert also expressed his gratitude to Pegram residents.

“If we look back to the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission for 10 years in this seat right here, it’s been a marathon. So, it’s been an enjoyable marathon,” he said. “I want to emphasize, or let you know, that your board up here – your existing mayor, your new mayor, and your new board and all will have a few bumps in the road; but they are certainly capable of taking care of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done in the way it needs to be.

“When we started this marathon ten years ago or 25 years ago, I’m sorry to say the town and all needed some help. I want you to know that the boards, the mayors, since that time forward have put forth a concerted effort to bring us to where we are right now. We are in a position to hand over to the new board and a new mayor a strong foundation to carry forward, and I have all the confidence in the world that brighter days are here to come.”

Pegram Fire Chief Brent Stuart thanked Morehead and Herbert for offering continued support to the fire department.

“They always had our backs in everything,” Stuart said.

Other business

Bill Zimmerman, General Manager from Second South Cheatham Utility District, told the board that the utility district will start a major waterline relocation project soon that will take about two and one-half years to complete. The project will impact the roads right of way, with easements to start where the right of way ends.

Discussion of the project is scheduled for the board’s work session on Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

Zimmerman said that every impacted land owner will receive an easement report, with the proposed sheet that lists the easement as a guide. City Recorder Jamie Mrzena and City Attorney Martha Brooke Perry said that approval is needed for streets that affect the town such as the road in Pegram Park as well as two other roads.

The board approved the purchase of fire department turnout gear which Stuart said is used for fires and vehicle extrication. The cost for the gear was listed at $13,899.51.

“There’s coats and pants; a lot has reached its 10-year lifespan,” Stuart said. “Six sets through EBS and the HGAC (Helping Governments Across the County) contract. This replaces having to do sealed bidding. It’s kind of like a state contract where they’ve already explored competitive bidding.”

In other action, the board:

  • · Voted 4-1 to approve first reading of a zoning reclassification for 5020 Francis Lane from low-density residential to medium-density residential district for the Trinity Group to build homes.
  • · Approved payment of $1,078.35 to Dickson Farmers Co-Op for fixing a flat tire on the town’s blue tractor.
  • · Unanimously approved a $1,000 emergency invoice for AVD Enterprises to update the town’s website and website security. The site is outdated and has recently been hacked.
  • · Approved payment of $1,225 to Clean Earth Collections for storm cleanup for June 5.
  • · Unanimously approved a request by Alderman Michael Paszek to change the name of Sewer Plant Road to Sawyer Farms Lane. 
  • · Announced that the Town of Pegram Yard Sale will take place on Saturday, Sept. 12 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The next monthly meeting of the Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen is scheduled for Sept. 28 at 7 p.m.

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