School buses

The Cheatham County School District will open Wednesday, Jan. 30 on the regular schedule.

We know that some of you are concerned about the cold temperatures and wind chill that are forecast for tomorrow morning and throughout Wednesday. We share your concerns.

We encourage parents to take some proactive steps to help keep their children warm, especially if they are bus riders or walkers.

For example, please dress your children in multiple layers, send them with hats and gloves, let them sit in the car with you at the bus stop or drive your children if they normally walk, if possible.

Additionally, remember that cold temperatures can sometimes affect our buses in the early morning hours.

We have advised our bus drivers to travel their routes at a slower pace and allow more time at stops so children can wait inside their homes when possible.

Our principals are working with us to hold breakfast for any buses that may experience delays getting to school because of the extra time we are allowing at stops.

Thank you everything you do as parents and for supporting your child’s education in Cheatham County.


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