Kingston springs meeting

Kingston Springs commissioners approved purchasing a flatbed truck to use as a performance stage at the Farmers and Artisans Market.

The Kingston Springs Board of Commissioners approved moving $3,000 from the Kingston Springs Farmers and Artisans Market account to the 2018-19 Farmers Market budget.

City manager John Lawless said that the town would like to purchase a flatbed truck that can be used as a stage for artists and musicians at the market.

“That parking lot is owned by CSX and we’re not allowed to put any kind of permanent structures there,” Lawless said, adding that the town could also use the trailer for other purposes.

Lawless said that 17 vendors have signed up for the market so far.

Theresa Chandler, owner of Sweet T’s on Main Street in Kingston Springs, requested that signs be placed to direct people to Main Street.

“There’s one sign on the end of Merry Log at Kingston Springs Road that points to The Ranchettes going one way and points to downtown going the other way,” Chandler said. “But then when you get to the end of West Kingston Springs Road to find the town, it just says City Hall, Parks, Water Department and Highway 70. It doesn’t point to downtown. It doesn’t say what downtown is. So, I’d like that sign or another to say: Historic Kingston Springs downtown.”

She said the signs should be put at Interstate 40 exits coming from both directions and at Community Bank on West Kingston Springs Road to direct traffic to the downtown area.

“I think that would be helpful to the business owners because I get so many people that come into our shop at Sweet T’s that don’t even know they’re there (downtown),” she said, adding that most visitors believe downtown is near the interstate, which could hurt businesses on Main Street.

The commission approved first reading of an ordinance for the 2019-2020 budget.

City Recorder Debbie Finch noted that the budget does not include a tax levy at this time because of reassessment by the state.

A resolution authorizing Kingston Springs to participate in THE POOL’s Driver Safety Matching Grant Program was approved.

“This is just housekeeping paperwork that needed to be submitted,” Lawless said. “The commission will remember back in October 2018 they approved acceptance of the grant for THE POOL and its safety match grant program for the Fire Department and Police Department.”

Finch brought up the issue of Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) that can be received only from the state for Kingston Springs city staff.

Finch said she called the state to secure the coverage and was told that the town was already participating, but Finch said she could find no record of a resolution for participation.

The commission approved a donation of $1,800 from Mark Hargis to the town of Kingston Springs. Also approved was the reappointment to the Planning Commission for Tom Cullen and Chuck Sleighter.

The commission announced that the Fishing Rodeo will take place on June 8 and Kingston Springs summer camps start on June 17.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for June 20 at 7 p.m.

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