Tony Gross

Tony Gross

Kingston Springs must pay part of the bill for new sidewalks, even though officials believed the whole tab was going to be covered by federal dollars.

The town’s Board of Commissioners received $250,000 in federal grant money for the walkways, the maximum allowed in the grant program. There was no requirement for localities to pitch in funds in order to get the money, and the commissioners thought the quarter-million dollars would cover the “Safe Routes to School” sidewalk project.

However, actual costs have blown through the grant-award ceiling.

“We’re going to be shelling out another $60,000 or $70,000 on that,” Mayor Tony Gross said at last month’s meeting.

The latest bill associated with the project has to do with utility relocation. The commissioners unanimously approved a budget amendment to pay Dickson Electric about $20,000 for staking and engineering work.

That payment of $19,698.20 follows cost overruns on the sidewalk construction that officials agreed at the meeting are running in the neighborhood of $50,000.

No one expressed regret over applying for the grant in the first place, though the expensive footpaths played into a larger discussion on grant applications.

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