Imagine an indoor farmers and artisans market that features a variety of do-good, feel-great quality products that include locally grown fresh produce, homegrown healthful foods, designer baked goods, homemade soups and soaps, skin creams, pottery, jewelry, tinctures, fresh locally raised meats and dairy products.

Stepping into the welcoming wagon of choices of Nourish Marketplace on Main Street in Kingston Springs, there is a sense of cleansing, creating, caring, caressing and comforting that appeals to a community like family, where a grown-up longs to feel free as a kid and a youngster feels called to grow wiser with wonder.  

The variety of products truly appeal to many aspects of coming together and trying something new. It is a sensory experience that soothes the soul while stirring up the spirit for sharing good times, new recipes, specials tastes while prompting the will or wish to treat yourself by treating others to a unique experience of celebration.

The offerings invite a sense of giving thanks, making some feel special and appreciated.

Nourish Marketplace has been open about seven weeks and is owned by Shaun and Erica Daugherty. Shaun grew up in Pegram and Erica grew up in Kingston Springs, building a bridge of positive expectation across South Cheatham County with their dream of gratifying quality products and satisfying heartfelt service.

Shaun said items such as the varieties of honey from an area Mennonite farm and elderberry syrup are popular products. The store also offers Alaska salmon, granola, cotton candy, chocolates, coffee and candles.

“Our focus is local products and seasonal. We want to be seasonal-conscious,” he said.

Staff member Weslea Miniat cited sausages as one of the more popular items.

“They fly off the shelf,” she said.

Shaun said that Nourish Marketplace is designed to carry items not typically found in chain grocery stores while sourcing as local as possible.

“We could use more gluten free options and we’re still working out ideas for events” Shaun said. 

Shaun said there are plans to have chefs work in the store’s certified kitchen for bakers.

“Chefs can come in to test recipes,” he said. “And to possibly do some little farm-to-table dinners here in a very private setting.”

The Daughertys want the shop to serve as nourishing the community by creating a positive environment.

“Spring is a time for harvesting,” Erica said. “It’s something to look forward to. We want to pamper, enhance; be healthier.”

Shaun said that most of the purveyors for Nourish Marketplace are within a 15-minute drive of the shop. He said that he serves approximately 25 customers per day. 

“But it will increase,” he said. “Christmas time was amazing.”

Erica sees Nourish Marketplace as a great place for gifts for people that love to eat.

“Here you can treat yourself or treat your friend, or both,” she said.


Location: 385 Main St. in Kingston Springs

Owners: Shaun and Erica Daugherty

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday, noon-4 p.m.

Contact: (615) 952-8003 or the business’ Facebook page

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