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Kingston Springs commissioners presented a plaque to Geoff Lorenz for his four-year service on the board. (Left to right): Mike Hargis, Josh Eatherly, Geoff Lorenz (holding plaque), Mayor Tony Gross, Vice-Mayor Glenn Remick and Carolyn M. Clark.

Former Kingston Springs Commissioner Geoff Lorenz, who was elected in 2016, was recognized for his term of service by the commission at its June meeting.

“When a commissioner finishes their service on the board we present them with a commemorative plaque,” said

City manager John Lawless said that it is customary to present a commissioner with a plaque when they leave the board. Lorenz’s final meeting as a commissioner (and Vice-Mayor) was last November, but because the board had been holding virtual meetings until May, the most recent meeting was the first opportunity to make the presentation, Lawless said.

“It was a pleasure to serve my community for four years,” said Lorenz. “I was encouraged to see the amount of work our city employees do to make Kingston Springs the place I’m proud to call home. The commissioners I served with consistently put the interests of the community at the forefront of their work as we addressed current and future plans for the city. I hope that I left the city to be better than when I started.”

Lorenz is a math teacher at Hunters Lane High School in Nashville. He said that his experience with the commission has helped with building rapport with his students, and working with students helped him with engaging community members and fellow commissioners.

“Students nowadays seem more interested in politics,” he said. “Serving on the commission allowed me to better answer the inner workings of government when they would ask questions. Being a teacher has made me more understanding of people’s situations and how to effectively communicate. Both of these skills were engaged while serving as a commissioner.”

Lorenz teaches juniors and seniors in the international baccalaureate math program which covers data analysis, statistics, and introduction to calculus.

“Over the course of Geoff’s four-year term, he was a tremendous asset to the community,” Mayor Tony Gross said. “During this time, he made a positive impact on Kingston Springs and always had an eye on making sure members of the commission were good stewards of the tax payers’ dollars.”

Geoff’s mother, Pam Lorenz, served on the city Commission from 2006-2010. She also served the remainder of former commissioner Jim Schippers’ term from February 2012 to November 2012 after he passed away.

“It has been a pleasure to work next to Geoff Lorenz for the last four years, “said Vice-Mayor Glenn Remick. “Mr. Lorenz, who is a second-generation Kingston Springer, was also a second-generation city commissioner. Mr. Lorenz’s vision and knowledge of the community were fully utilized. I appreciated Mr. Geoff Lorenz stepping up and answering the call of public service and serving our community to make it better place for all.”

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