Ashland City voters go to the polls this Saturday to decide who’ll be running the town government.

The polling place is the Cheatham County Public Library at 188 John Mayfield Dr. The time to vote is from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The early-voting period was Nov. 18-Dec. 2. When there were still a few days left to cast an early ballot, 185 people had done so, according to a document posted on the Cheatham County Election Commission website.

Mayor Steve Allen, who was installed in the post to fill a vacancy about one year ago, is running to keep his position. He hopes to fend off challenges from Janet Knight and Michael Smith.

For city council, the town is divided into three wards, and voting is at large. All voters may pick one candidate per ward.

For Ward 1, Misty Holloway and incumbent Lisa Walker are on the ballot.

For Ward 2, only Gerald Greer appears on the ballot, though James “Red” Edgin is a write-in candidate.

Edgin didn’t submit paperwork to get on the ballot, but he met the filing deadline to be a valid write-in contender, the election commission said.

Greer and Edgin are squaring off to fill the seat being vacated by Awilda Binkley.

Chris Kerrigan is running unopposed in Ward 3.

The terms for mayor and council members are for four years.

The seats held by three other council members go up for grabs in December 2021. Those members are Daniel Anderson in Ward 1, Tim Adkins in Ward 2 and Roger Jackson in Ward 3.

According to a document provided to the Cheatham County Exchange by county Administrator of Elections Pam Frejosky on Nov. 7, the last day to register to vote, there are 2,650 registered voters in Ashland City. She confirmed later there were no last-minute filers.

Women make up 57 percent of the electorate, according to the figures. There are 1,513 women and 1,137 men.

In the previuous mayoral election, 403 people voted, Frejosky said in an email. In the 2017 election where only council seats were up for grabs, there were 176 ballots cast, according to an Elections Commission document.

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