Three Clarksville residents were sentenced Aug. 6 for an April 2016 home invasion in which they bound a man with duct tape, beat him and set his Ashland City home on fire.

Christopher Duncan, Ariel Robinson and Timothy Shoffner were convicted in May for attempted second degree murder, aggravated arson, especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery and theft over $10,000.

The homeowner was asleep when Duncan, Robinson and Shoffner came into his Beech Grove Road home and secured his wrists and ankles with duct tape, according to an arrest warrant. They took his wallet, rings and watch and ransacked his home.

One of the defendants tried to use the man’s debit card but returned saying the PIN wasn’t working. That’s when the group began beating the man and attempting to get the correct PIN, according to the warrant.

Then, one of the defendants began pouring gasoline along the home walls and lit the home on fire. Twice, Robinson held a gun to the man’s head and fired, but the gun didn’t go off either time, according to the warrant. One of the other defendants fired shots over the man’s head before the defendants all left the home.

The homeowner was able to escape before the house burned down. The home was a total loss due to the damage, according to the warrant.

Shoffner was sentenced to 162 years in the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Duncan was sentenced to 78 years and Robinson was sentenced to 37 years, according to a release from District Attorney.

“Fortunately, the victim survived and his courageous testimony anchored the state’s case against the defendants,” according to the release.

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