Beginning in October, Cheatham County will increase the fee associated with new residential construction from $50 to $3,000, the county commissioners decided at their June meeting.

During the same meeting, commissioners also voted to increase the adequate facilities rate from 10-cents per square foot of a new home to 50 cents, County Mayor Kerry McCarver said. Both fees, which don’t apply to commercial or industrial development, will begin Oct. 1.

Permits purchased by Oct. 1 will have one year to complete the project without an additional fee, McCarver said.

For residential construction permits purchased after the deadline, the fee will remain at $50 when it’s first created. When the final permit is issued, the remaining $2,950 will be due.

A few years ago, the commission lowered the fee, known as an impact fee, from $3,750 to $50 and cut the adequate facilities fee from $1 per square foot to 10 cents, McCarver said.

The new revenue collected from the fees will be divided between education, parks and roads — $2,500 will go to the education debt service (including the entire adequate facilities fee), $250 will go to parks and $250 will go to roads, McCarver said.

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