A group of approximately 60 people, both military and civilian, gathered in the mist and chill on the Cheatham County Courthouse lawn on Veterans Day to honor, uplift, remember, and give thanks for those who served in the nation’s military.

Cheatham County veteran Clayton Walden said he was especially impressed by a program at East Cheatham Elementary School that honored the county’s veterans.

“It was wonderful to see and hear them honor the veterans,” Walden said, noting that ECES used pictures from the museum of soldiers in the Cheatham County Historical and Genealogical Association.

As they have in past years, State Rep. Mary Littleton and Cheatham County Mayor Kerry McCarver placed a wreath in front of the monument with the names of Cheatham County veterans who were killed in action.

A prayer was offered by Cheatham County veteran Harold Hodges.

“Heavenly Father we ask that you touch the families that have been touched by these losses through the years, that you remind them that their loved ones served their country well,” Nichols said. “And we ask that you shelter them with love, remind them that the country is grateful for all they’ve done. We ask that you watch over every one who’s here today to celebrate the sacrifices made by our men and women in service. We ask that you bring us all safely back together again in the future and as you watch over us as we go home to our families this afternoon.”   

Another attendee was John Otis Nichols who has spearheaded the Veterans Memorial under construction at Highway 49 and Bell Street near the county library.

“It was a circle of support mainly from the men and women that served,” said McCarver. “You can see the bond that is so special, and only those who sacrificed for the country in the military fully understand and appreciate its significance. It is a special group that we can never repay or thank enough for the sacrifice they made.  Without our veterans, there would be no USA.”

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