Cheatham County Schools

The Cheatham County School District announced Wednesday that elementary school students will begin using the traditional learning plan and middle schools and high schools will begin using the hybrid learning plan on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

The traditional plan has students attending classes in person at the school buildings Monday-Friday. Under the hybrid plan, students attend classes in the school buildings two days per week and receive virtual instruction the other three weekdays. Riverside Academy will use the traditional schedule.

Students who opted for the all-virtual learning model for the second semester will remain virtual.

Director of Schools Dr. Cathy Beck sent a letter to the parents of the district’s students with the update. Beck also wrote in the letter that she wants middle school students to resume the traditional plan on Feb. 1 and the high school students to resume the traditional plan in mid-February.

“However, as we have previously stated, that decision will be contingent upon the number of active COVID-19 cases in both our district and county. I think we all agree that in-person learning is best for our children and that is our ultimate goal,” Beck wrote.

For middle and high school students: students whose last names begin with A-K will attend school in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays and receive virtual instruction Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Students whose last names begin with L-Z will attend school in-person on Thursdays and Fridays and receive virtual instruction Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Also beginning Jan. 19, any middle school student who is failing two or more classes must attend school in-person four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). High school seniors who are failing one class required for graduation are expected to attend school in-person five days a week. Students in grades 9-11 who are failing two or more classes required for graduation must also attend school in-person five days a week. The schools will notify those students.

The letter also said that athletic games and practices and other extra-curricular activities will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Spectator attendance remains limited for those events. 

During the hybrid schedule, the middle and high schools will have one meal distribution per week on Wednesday. The schools will communicate the times and locations with their families for the pickups. Meals are free this year to all children ages up to age 18.

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