Representative Diane Black’s last day in Congress was Jan. 2; however, after spending 20 years in public service she insists her work isn’t done.

“There are a number of possibilities and in the next month or two I will explore those just to see what might be possible for me,” she told The Wilson Post. “My heart has always been in service and wherever I can serve and make a difference is where I want to be.”

One opportunity involves recruiting women to serve in public office. Another is Right to Life. Black takes a pro-life stance on abortion. She also is a registered nurse and keeps her license active.

“I am proud of the pro-life legislation I have been able to pass during my time at both the state and federal level of service,” she said.

Black served the 6th District since 2011. Prior to that she was elected to the Tennessee Senate serving the 18th District in 2004, and as a state representative for the 45th District (Sumner County) in 1999.

“I want to continue to make sure we protect life. Life is given to us by the Creator,” she said.

Black stressed the importance of incentives for adoption so that “if a mother is not in the best situation, she can choose adoption and give that child an opportunity to have a life.”

Another highlight of her political career was serving as chairman of the House Budget Committee. She was the first female to chair the committee.

“Being chairman of the Budget Committee and being able to pass a budget which was the most conservative budget that has passed in 10 years has got to be one of the pinnacles of my career,” Black said.

In August 2017, Black announced that she would run in Tennessee’s gubernatorial primary. Although businessman Bill Lee received the Republican nomination and eventually won the general election, Black said she is grateful for getting to meet people throughout the state during her campaign.

“It was incredible. I met so many good people. People, who like I, have a heart for service and who are doing things in their communities that were remarkable. Had I been successful (in the election) I wanted to roll those things out in a greater way,” she said.

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