Janet Knight


Ashland City, the position of mayor is classified as part-time, yet in order to lead effectively; one must be willing to commit themselves to the job full-time.  I am ready and willing to make that commitment. 

The growth is now upon us, and at a rapid level unlike anything we have seen in years. We must be clear in conveying the message that Ashland City is open for business. In doing so, we must be prepared to ensure that there is a solid mechanism in place to support and sustain the businesses and industry that are already here, as well as those yet to come.  

The growth has already become a strain on our infrastructure. We must address this issue now, and step up, acknowledge that the growth is here and move forward toward making a plan for small and large businesses to flourish.

There are current issues awaiting action, and we cannot afford another deferment. Of these, the most important is the berm. The task awaiting does not require the town to spend any money. The only thing required is approval and a signature — that is it. It is time to change the question from “what can you do for us” to “what can we do for you?”  

A.O. Smith, which is the largest employer in Ashland City, has continued to give to the community in many ways for decades. An economic impact analysis for A. O. Smith done within the last several years states that “local taxes generated directly and indirectly from current operations total $4.75 million annually.”  The analysis also states, “The annual impact on the Cheatham County economy from A. O. Smith's operations is $145.8 million.”  

During the most recent flood, it cost the company approximately half a million dollars in damages. The cost of recovery after the 2010 flood was far greater. If the berm is not completed, the area could flood again. One of my biggest fears is that in the event this were to happen, what if they decided to leave our city? The result of that would be devastating not only to Ashland City, but also to the entire county.  

The loss of that economic impact would result in drastic tax increases both city and countywide in order to merely maintain where we are now.  We simply cannot afford to take that risk, nor can we afford any further delay.

I have expressed concern over this issue on multiple occasions.  I can assure you that as mayor I will commit to working steadfast with the City Council to stay on top of the issues we face. 

We must stay informed and involved.  We must also remain objective, because subjective governance does not serve everyone but rather only a select few, and that is not the vision that I have for Ashland City.

Everyone who lives in the city, works in the city and pays taxes in the city has a vested interest in the city. It is time to decide if you want more of the same, or if you want change.  If you want more of the same, I am not your candidate. If you want change — if you want a mayor that will lead Ashland City with honesty, openness and integrity on a level playing field, who is willing to take action on critical issues without delay — then I humbly ask for your vote.

Knowledge is key.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to offer input.  I would love to hear from you.

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