John Lawless


For anyone who went to buy a 12-pack but was told by the cashier that it was too late or too early to sell the alcohol, Kingston Springs officials felt your pain.

The town’s Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance last Thursday allowing the sale of beer for off-premises consumption 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“The ordinance shall take effect 15 days after passage, the public welfare demanding it,” the document states.

When the ordinance was approved on a first reading in October there was plenty of discussion, but when it was adopted Thursday that wasn’t the case.

Commissioner Glenn Remick made a motion to approve immediately when the agenda item was brought up. Commissioner Josh Eatherly quickly seconded it.

In October, Town Manager John Lawless said, a gas station owner had approached the town government to express interest in round-the-clock beer sales.

Town Attorney Jennifer Noe then navigated the murky legal landscape involving state and local authority on alcohol sales. At last month’s meeting she called it a “convoluted mess,” but concluded the town is within its rights to allow the sale of beer for off-premises drinking every second of every day.

Lawless said in October that people work a variety of shifts and so a time such as 4 a.m. might simply be the most convenient moment to grab a case of cold ones.

Remick at last month’s meeting said the town’s retailers are trained to refuse sale to anyone intoxicated.

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