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Ashland City officials last week passed a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, calling for payments toward $27 million in planned construction projects to be financed by debt.

The ordinance passing the budget also set the property tax rate, holding it at 50 cents per $100 assessed value. The June 16 vote was 6-1 with council member Roger Jackson the only “no” vote.

The town is borrowing to build a new city hall, fire station and sewer treatment plant. The first two are budgeted at $5 million each and the price tag on the plant is $17 million.

The town plans to pay down loans for the buildings over time and is seeking grants to help foot part of the bills.

Local taxes estimated at $3.9 million for the fiscal year beginning July 1 will go into the general fund. Spending from this fund goes toward City Hall, the police and fire departments, the senior center and parks, among other things.

The town is set to close the books on the current fiscal year with an estimated $6.9 million general fund surplus.

Employee raises of 2 percent were approved for the new fiscal year on an earlier vote.

Earlier votes also approved a $91,000 increase in the town’s share of employees’ health insurance and hiked water rates 3 percent.

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