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A proposal for an upscale 74-unit apartment complex on Hicks Edgen Road in Pleasant View has drawn opposition from residents, including objections by the presidents of two area homeowners associations.

Felix Tejada owns an approximately eight-acre parcel which is vacant and zoned low-density residential. He wants it rezoned to residential planned unit development.

Mayor Perry Keenan and the Board of Aldermen held a public hearing June 25 on the rezoning request. There was no vote, and the matter will go back to the mayor and board July 14.

Pleasant View native Frank Tejada, the son of Felix Tejada, said his parents want to sell the land to Nashville-based developer Dennis Devine to help put their six grandchildren through college.

The Ponds at Pleasant View would include two swimming pools and an amenities center, Devine and Lose Design civil engineer Michael Black said.

Nick Bishop, the head of The Enclave HOA, and Beth Batson, leader of The Village HOA, were among many town residents who spoke against the proposal at the June 25 hearing.

Their concerns include traffic congestion, school overcrowding, crime and spoiled views. Two area residents said they support the plan, including one who said local businesses figure to get a boost from the added population.

Some residents said they weren’t opposed in general to apartment complexes in town, but that this proposed development is in the wrong location.

An online petition to stop the development had nearly 600 supporters last Thursday.

Black said Lose (rhymes with dose) Design has gone further in the design and engineering plans than would normally be the case at the rezoning-request stage so that residents could get answers.

Black said he contacted the Cheatham County School District and heard no objections to the added students that the proposed apartment complex would bring. A spokesman for the school district confirmed that.

Black said a traffic study was completed on the day of the meeting. The study wasn’t discussed in detail.

Devine began his career in the Los Angeles area. He said he built a number of condominium and apartment buildings there. He said he spotted the Pleasant View land while driving through town.

Some residents said they wondered how an apartment building fits in with the town’s growth plan or whether any such plan exists.

Keenan said the town has one from 2008. He said such plans are usually updated more frequently than 12 years, and suggested the board might want to consider updating the document. But he said such updates involve costs.

The hour-long public hearing was held in-person at City Hall, with social distancing observed by chair spacing and a rotation to accommodate those who lined up outside for a turn at the microphone.

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