Ashland City and Cheatham County have finalized agreements with AO Smith for the construction of a berm to prevent flooding adjacent to the business, according to Ashland City Mayor Steve Allen.

The project has been discussed since the county’s largest employer was damaged by floods in 2010. The berm would prevent future flood damage to the business, Allen wrote in an email to the Cheatham County Exchange as a submitted article. The Exchange allows candidates to write one article about their qualifications and have it published before the election. 

In a similar election email to the Exchange, Ward 1 council member Lisa Walker said that the town has completed all of its responsibilities and that AO Smith needs approval only from the Army Corps of Engineers to begin the project. 

She also said that the berm will create a lake to be used for recreational activities.

Allen said that the town will receive a state grant for $1.2 million to help pay for the project. There are also plans to put a traffic light at the intersection of South Main Street and Tennessee Waltz Parkway during the construction of the berm.

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