closing costs map - ONLINE ONLY map showing lowest closing costs in the state (screenshot)

In a list created by an online personal finance platform, Cheatham County was rated as having some of the lowest closing costs for real estate in the state of Tennessee.

Cheatham County was ranked as having the eighth-lowest closing costs with the average charges at 2 percent of the median home value, according to

Williamson County, which is rated as having the lowest closing costs, charges an average of 1.4 percent for the median home value. Williamson’s median home value is $388,400 and Cheatham’s is $170,500, according to the site.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lake County in the northwest corner of Tennessee is ranked as having the highest closing costs in the state. Lake County charges an average of 3.2 percent of the median home value, which is $75,100.

One possible explanation for the lower rates in Cheatham County is the fact that title insurance was included in this calculation, local real estate agent Amanda Bell said.

“Titles insurance changes from county to county and it definitely is less expensive here,” she said.

Bell said she believes the website figures are low compared to what she has experienced lately. In the last year, Cheatham County home prices went up 26 percent, she said.

The benefit of having lower closing costs is that there’s less of a burden on home buyers, increasing the amount of sales that take place, she said.

Programs such as the Tennessee Housing Development Agency and the United States Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also help promote home buying in Cheatham County, she said.

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