While most of the attention generated by Sycamore Square Shopping Center centered around the makeover after the relocation of the county government offices, the other end of the complex contains a 6,700 square-foot facility next to Food Lion that focuses on physical makeovers.

No Limit Fitness, owned and operated by Brandon Reed, is a 24-hour fitness facility. It opened 19 months ago and it now has between 250 and 300 members.

“It has been more than I expected,” Reed said. “I have really been impressed with the dedication and hard work of the women who’ve joined. I’m so proud of them. There’s a mother who comes here with her daughter and autistic son. There’s one boy who participated in the Special Olympics and won three gold medals. It’s all so inspiring.”

Reed clearly has a passion for fitness, but he also has a clearly defined commitment to encouraging and offering opportunities for all members of the community to get fit and be healthier.

He said the age range of the members is mostly 18 to 65, with a few younger members as well as several older than 65.

Memberships start at $50 a month, with a $40 a month for a 12-month commitment. Family membership can be added by $25 a month.

“There are military discounts as well as discounts for county and city employees, as well as EMS discounts and senior citizens,” Reed said. “The first-time visit is always free.  If you come in and don’t feel comfortable, it may not be the place for you right away.”

There is a workout area for cardio, another for strength training.  Equipment includes Arsenal strength for lifting, Cardio Life for fitness, Cybex treadmills and Concept 2 for rowing.

Pleasant View Pink Out President Sherry Milling of Ashland City visited No Limit Fitness recently for a workout.

“I started working out for health reasons, and now I am officially free of taking medication that I’d taken for years,” she said. “You just start out slowly at your own pace.”

No Limit Fitness has four trainers on staff — Reed, Kelsey Zeller, Carl Lyttle (a sheriff’s deputy) and Julie Bezerra.

“We want the place to sell itself,” said Reed, who made a commitment in his 20s to turn weightlifting and fitness from a hobby to a forever lifestyle.

“In 2014 I got involved in personal training,” he said. “I wanted to find all the ins and outs of opening a gym. It took three years for a plan and a willingness, with the courage to take the jump. The biggest challenge would be trying to keep an income. I had some support, and had built a base clientele and started retraining in Ashland City.”

Reed had worked for the city parks and recreation department and the Ashland City Water and Sewer before focusing on No Limit Fitness.

“This is more of a family than a gym,” he said. “Instantly from the very beginning it became a group of friends like a family and now more like a community. I knew that if I can do this, it is the best I can do to give back. Kids and adults are less active these days, and it’s cheaper to eat unhealthy than healthy. We need to fight back.”

He said that the No Limit Fitness 24-hour concept clearly allows for no excuses for not having time.

“It’s all about what you want to do with your time,” he said. “Even with people who’d come in at first. Some people were not taking me serious, and not taking care of equipment. The rule is if you take something out, then put it back when you are finished. Fitness for me includes a commitment to discipline and courtesy, respect for others, and there is no room for egos making people feel less than.”

Reed said he’s open to working with younger athletes and ballplayers, and the parents must sign a waiver for the child when they come in.

“I’d hired a martial arts instructor, but he blew knee out.” Reed said. “I want to give kids that opportunity with martial arts because it is such a discipline-oriented sport.”

Sabrina Mathis has trained with Reed for five years.

“I love the gym, the atmosphere and the people,” she said, noting the leg press as her favorite piece of equipment. “I’m not originally from Tennessee, so the gym has become my family.”

Reed’s advice for those thinking about making a commitment to fitness is to not worry about what others think. He also encourages families to make a fitness commitment.

“That friends and family feel creates a positive atmosphere that will make them come back,” he said.



Where: 318 Frey St. (Sycamore Square Shopping Center), Ashland City

When: Open 24 hours a day

Contact: Owner Brandon Reed at (615) 477-8065.

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