New pastor

Rev. Ben Butler

Rev. Ben Butler is the new pastor at St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Ashland City. He answered some questions about himself and his new position in Cheatham County.

How did you become the new Parish Administrator at St. Martha's? Is it correct that the previous administrator retired?

The bishop of the Diocese of Nashville in conjunction with his Priest Personal Board comes up with assignments each July for priests, and this year I was asked to be the administrator for St. Martha in Ashland City and St. Pius in north Nashville. The previous pastor, Fr. Peter Chau did retire, so there was a need to put a priest in the parish in Ashland City.

Where were you serving prior to your work at St. Martha’s?

I was the parochial vicar, also known as the associate pastor, at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in downtown Nashville prior to my assignment to St. Martha’s.

How long have you served at St. Martha’s?

I began serving at St. Martha’s in July of this year

What do you think of your new Parish?

I enjoy being here in Ashland City and in Cheatham County in general. I grew up in rural Tennessee so it is nice to be out of the city once again and back in the country. The people in the parish have been very kind, and it is good to be in a parish that is close knit where everyone knows everyone

How have your parishioners welcomed you?

Yes, the parishioners here have been very gracious.

What are your thoughts on Ashland City so far? (Have you visited any restaurants or parks or other sights so far?)

I have enjoyed being in Ashland City. I came to Ashland City often before my being assigned here so it was not totally new when I moved. At this point I have gone to most of the restaurants and have really enjoyed the rails-to-trails program. I also look forward to hitting the fishing holes nearby.

What would you like the citizens to know about you?

Having grown up in Middle Tennessee I realize that the Christian faith holds a special place in our lives, and I hope to help foster that within the parish community but also the wider community as a whole as well.

Did you have any other thoughts about your new role that you would like to share with our readers in Northern Cheatham County and Pleasant View?

I looked forward to being in Cheatham County when I was assigned to St. Martha, and I now look forward to becoming more a part of the community here.

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