Hemp growers

Industrial hemp may be grown in all 50 states now.

A large crowd of potential industrial hemp producers recently gathered at The Livery Stables in Pleasant View to learn about the particulars of growing and harvesting the crop.

With the passage of the new USDA farm bill, industrial hemp can now be legally grown in all 50 states. So, the UT/TSU Cheatham County Extension office held an educational/informational meeting about producing the plant as an agricultural commodity.

Katy Kilbourne of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Dr. Eric Walker and Ms. Iris Cui (UT Extension Specialists), and Mr. Bill Corbin (farmer from Robertson County) conducted presentations on the certification process, the history of hemp in the U.S., agronomics, harvesting techniques, marketing, and production systems.

Attendees learned of the various types of industrial hemp and the many different production systems for CBD oil, grain for humans and animals, as well as the fiber which can be used in everything from textiles to building materials.

The program was recorded and can be viewed at the “Cheatham County – UT & TSU Extension” Facebook page or on YouTube.

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