Pegram meeting

This strip mall on Highway 70 once contained the Valu-Plus Supermarket. The pictured empty space is where the store stood before it burned down in 2014.

In the public forum portion of the Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s first 2019 meeting on Friday, Feb. 1, Pegram resident Gary Woodard showed his concerns about the town’s image and appeal.

“I’ve noticed a severe decline in the appearance of our town in the past five years, particularly in the business district along Highway 70,” Woodard said. “This neglect affects property values as well as the general mood of residents. I’d like for Pegram to regain their sense of pride in being a thriving small town on a main highway in middle Tennessee.  

“I’m proposing that Pegram enforce all laws related to unsightly and dangerous conditions on commercial properties within the city limits. If adequate laws are not on the books, I propose investigating the laws enforced by neighboring cities and towns so that our citizens can have a voice regarding appearance and safety of commercial properties in our town.”

One of Woodard’s key complaints is the strip mall on Highway 70 where a fire destroyed the Valu-Plus Supermarket in 2014.

Mayor Charles Morehead addressed Woodard’s comments by expressing challenges the board faces.

“We feel the same way you do, but we as a board have our hands tied in terms of what we can do,” the mayor said. “By state law we’ve done everything we can do. We’ve even talked to the property owners, county building codes and even the state fire marshal. If we had any authority to go any further, we would.”

Morehead and members of the Board looked at photos presented by Woodard regarding a tire store and assured him that the owner would be cited if it was still in the state as shown in Woodard’s photos. City attorney Martha Brooke Perry said that sign ordinances need to be reviewed as well as issues involving vehicles in the parking lot.

In other business:

  • · The board voted to surplus the town’s old bucket truck for $1,000, noting that the boom doesn’t work. Bids on the truck will be opened on Feb. 28.
  • · The board approved $2,850 for the renewel of the city’s contract with auditor John Poole.
  • · The board unanimously approved a contract with South Cheatham Little League for the use of Pegram Park.
  • · The board approved was a four-day work week for City Recorder Jamie Mrzena.
  • · The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen will hold its next monthly meeting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 28.

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