The Cheatham County Public Library celebrated Christmas for the community on Dec. 22, with visits from Santa Claus and Scientist-Professor Greybeard (John Wicks), who has served as a member of Mr. Bond’s Science Guys since 2005.

More than 100 kids and family members participated in the activities.

The theme for the holiday celebration was “Winter Wonderland”, which was brought to life through an energetic, interactive presentation by Greybeard. There was an opportunity to visit with Santa Claus and his assistant, Aliyah Guye, in the lounge area next to the fireplace.

Library Director May Lingner said she was delighted by Greybeard’s presentation about a variety of phenomena from viewing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) to making artificial snow.

Greybeard’s program concluded with his filling a wading pool with artificial snow, which kids took home in small bags. The snow was made from a mix of water with polyacrylamide.

“The best thing about this snow, it never melts,” Greybeard said. He has a background in information technology, as well as training in performance arts, education and technology.

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